Monday, April 21, 2008

Living on Obama Avenue

On the eve of a very important day in history, we share just a few reflections about living on "Obama Avenue." I think our street is pretty exceptional. We live on a street of 12 houses, and every house on the street but 2 has Obama signage. We're a little slow to get our groove on, but ours went up tonight. Yesterday, when a young man (Brian) who was canvasing for Obama came to our house, he confirmed that we lived on Obama Avenue. It's kind of impressive to see! If you stand at one corner, all you see til your eyes meet the next corner are Obama signs.
We walked over to Obama Headquarters tonight to get our sign and pick up some paraphernalia for our friend Java-JO, who's visiting us, and has become the number one, non US citizen Obama fan! He comes to us from Germany, but is Indonesian. He dreams of one day meeting Obama, when he is President of the USA. I'm pretty sure that he's Obama's biggest fan. We managed to get him a pin (reserved for volunteers), because he's been so supportive!
I don't usually get into politics a whole lot, but I've grown to realize that we are in need of change, and I've found a candidate that I believe can guide us in that direction.
Here's a sampling of interesting (and not-so-interesting) things we got in the mail today:
  1. A post card from FCNL that says: "43% of your federal tax dollars go for war. How much of your federal tax rebate will support PEACE?" Yowsers! How profound?!?! When will we start investing in more things like health care for all, education, energy efficiency, poverty, etc.? Oh, wait! Maybe when Obama's president!
  2. A flyer from Barack Obama for President: "It's time for Washington to start working for you." When someone's offering an end to war, healthcare for all, reform for our country, energy independence, fair trade, improved environmental protection efforts, and more affordable college education, how could you not want to support him? It is, in fact, time for change!
  3. A card from a recruiter offering me a job in North Carolina. Ha! Even though they offer the #1 ranked beach in 2007, I'm not convinced. I do, think, however, that I'm in the right place at this time - serving the poorest of the poor in Lancaster City. It's an incredibly challenging job, when 30-40% of my patients have no health insurance. What a glorious day it might be, when all will have access to the healthcare they deserve!
  4. A magazine from the American Osteopathic Association Health Watch that's title article is "DOs against Diabetes." It says something about black tea treating Type 2 diabetes. Good thing I like chai! This could be revolutionary - I must read more.
  5. A plethora of credit card offers (not so interesting) - thank goodness they should be disappearing soon, because we signed up to not receive credit card offers by calling a toll free number. Do it yourself: 1-888-567-8688.

Let's hope for change! We, the people of Obama Avenue, are ready for reform. Viva Obama!

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