Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fondue Fun-ness - Good Times!

Last night was the annual fondue party at our home. It was the first official Johnsen Martin fondue party, since the marriage has occurred. We had a blast! It was our first big-ish party at our new home, and we worked like mules to get ready for the par-tay, and it all paid off! We even have a functional toilet on the first floor, which was my only request for my birthday... and my wonderful husband appeased me! I am sooo psyched! It's amazing what brings such joy to different individuals - some might say chocolate and roses, but I say "ahhh...listen to that flush!"

We had about 40 people here, which was fantastic! Our new home provides adequate space to entertain large numbers of people. And just wait til we re-do our kitchen/dining room area. What an amazing space to prepare and serve food we shall have. Actually, it's one of the reasons we chose this home - to be able to host friends and family and be a blessing to those who enter our casa. But back to the fondue! Yummilicious! We had a great assortment of foods (if I do say so myself)including cheese, veggie, chicken, pizza (gracias Heidi S.) and chocolate fondue, plus Ethiopian food, sushi (thanks Doug & Kelly), falafel, veggie meatballs, sweet potatoes, rice, African greens, salsa, guacamole, ravioli, cheese and crackers, artichoke dip, salad (go Heidi K.) pita and hummus and more! Delightful!

And then there was dessert! Unbelieveable... See the photos for the amazing spread! My dear friend Stephanie used her Kitchen Aid Mixer (a Christmas gift) for the first time to make her first-ever-from-scratch cake - and it was incredible! Chocolate cake - moister than moist - with raspberry cream filling between the layers, chocolate icing and rasberry and chocolate spikes for decor! Wowsers!!! What a cake! We also had great chocolate fondue, and we got good use of our friend Cristy's fondue pot, which she donated to the cause when she left for Africa, thinking she wouldn't do too much fondue-ing in Malawi, and we had cookies and fruit from our other friends. To die for! I think the secret to the phenomenal cake may have been the strongly brewed coffee that Steph told me she put in... because coffee is the nectar of the gods, or at least the best beverage out there! Yum, yum, yum!

We wouldn't have been able to pull this thing off and still be standing if it hadn't been for all of our friends helping out. A special super dooper thanks to Jennifer Gwen and Seth James who shopped, chopped, served, took coats, played host and hostess, and helped clean up. They were such a blessing (and I'm not sure they knew what they were getting themselves into when they signed up for the shin-dig!). We are incredibly thankful for their presence and participation!
We've added a few photos to share of all the food, friends and fun we had. We're glad to have shared a great time with all who were here and look forward to next year - hoping those who couldn't make it this year will be able to join us next time!
To dipping foods (and other things)! Cheers! :)

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