Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow (or fire?) on the trees

Today we had our second snow storm of the season - not bad, since we're half way thru January! I had a call to respond to at the hospital, and when I got home we tackled the shoveling. It had started to rain, but I thought the brilliant, white snow on the dogwood trees in front of our house looked so pretty with the white lights left over from holiday decorating... I don't like to take down decorations 'til after my birthday :)... so I wanted to take a picture of the lights and the house, but I'm learning that nighttime pictures, especially in the rain, are tough without a tripod. You can see a sampling of my pictures - one looks like there are flames coming out of our trees and one looks like blurry white lights. Nonetheless, it's very pretty and gives me a reason to appreciate snow, even when I grumble as it falls to the ground. I'd never survive in Alaska! and to think... I'm Norwegian!??

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