Saturday, January 5, 2008

One year ago!

It's amazing to consider what's occurred in the past year. Last night, Tim & I celebrated the one year anniversary of our engagement. At times, it seems like just yesterday, but it sometimes feels like we've been married for years, especially when we realize all that we've experienced in our brief period as husband and wife.
In the spirit of tradition, we ventured down to first Friday last night. It was cold outside, but as long as we kept moving, we were fine. We went into a few new galleries that we had never visited, and as creatures of habit, we also went to some of our old standbys, particularly Gallery 2, which is where we got engaged. It was quite different a year ago - the weather was warm and muggy, and I had disappeared outside to get some fresh air, while Tim was trying to propose to me inside. How was I supposed to know I wasn't following along with plans?! Anyways, last night it was cold, and people bustled inside to experience the warmth.
We had a dinner reservation at Carr's, a place where neither of us had been. It came highly recommended by my friend, Stephanie, and we'd have to agree with her, now that we've had a lovely meal there. The food was unique, very flavorful, colorful, delicious, and the presentation added another level that made it top notch. We took some pictures to commemorate the event. We were feeling a bit goofy, which was good after a long week at work.
Our last stop of the evening before heading home was to Gallery 141. It's sort of like a coop with a variety of artists. I had been in the day before and spoken at length with the owner. She invited me to consider being a "featured artist" for a first Friday followed by a month with my stuff on display. Sounds like a great opportunity, but something to definitely talk about (with Tim, Heidi - my jewelry partner - and others) & pray about before making a commitment.
I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for how the Lord has radically altered my life in the past year and a half. He's given me a wonderful husband, whom I love more every day, and He's also placed many challenges in our pathes, which have grown our love for Him, our love for each other, and our recognition of our need to fully rely on Him and trust Him! I celebrate this with great JOY!

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