Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years at Stephanie's

Tim & I are spending the night ringing in the new year with our friends Janel, Mark, & Stephanie. We had a yummy meal of Thai curry and fresh crab from Steph's father-in-law. Her boys (EJ and Cullen) are playing at the beach, so Steph's hosting our little get-together tonight.
We're about to play some racey game called Spicey Farkle, which Steph thought had something to do with farts, but turns out it's a game with di, and we certainly hope no one will be passing gas during the game!
I am mostly just showing Janel and Steph how to blog (and since I just started today, I'm an expert!).
Happy New Year!!!
From all of us on Quarry Lane in Lancaster - Kirsten, Tim, Mark, Janel & Steph (hopefully we'll take a picture before the night is over to remember this wonderful evening).
Addendum on 1/3/08 - Finally got the New Year's pictures ready to upload! Check out my glasses (even if they're from when I went to NYC for New Year's in 2005).

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